Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact Christina via who will be happy to help.

Why isn't my username accepted? 

Usernames must not contain any special characters or spaces.
It must be one word only (so for example, you could conjoin your first and last name). 

Why isn't my password accepted? 

 Passwords must contain the following for security reasons: 

  1. at least one uppercase letter;
  2. at least one digit;
  3. be at least 6 characters in length. 

I've registered and can browse the Lots, but how do I place a bid? 

Bidding will go live at 0900 on 15 March 2024 and should be straightforward: type in your maximum bid and hit submit.
The system will bid on your behalf against other bidders up to your maximum bid and will notify you by email if you are outbid. 

How do I find a Lot by its number? 

Put the Lot number into the search bar, but you must use 3 digits, e.g. 001, 011, 111.
Alternatively, choose the category 'All Auction Lots' which will display them in Lot number order.

How do I find additional Lots that aren't in the catalogue? 

There are no additional Lots and all are in the catalogue.

What is included in each of the different Fishing in England sections?

Fishing in England - South West: Westcountry including Wiltshire/Hampshire Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

Fishing in England - South East: Includes Thames tributaries such as the River Kennet in Wiltshire, the Cotswold rivers that drain east or south and the Hampshire chalkstreams.

Fishing in England - Midlands & East Anglia: Up to and including the Derbyshire Peak District, Lincolnshire, Welsh Borders, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Fishing in England - North: From South Yorkshire and Lancashire to the Borders.

How do I find anything else I might need to know? 

You will probably find what you need via the Dashboard and Members Area.

When you sign in (top right of the screen), 'Sign Up, Sign In' will change to your registered username with a dropdown menu of choices:

Dashboard: an overview and the Members Area Menu.

Messages: sent and received.

Purchases: make payment, view invoices, view completed purchases.
Current Bids: view current bids, cancel bids.
Buyer Tools Wish List: view your list.

Feedback: view received feedback, leave feedback.

My Account:
Amend your personal details - please make sure these are up to date.
Amend your preferences for site notifications.

What happens after the auction has finished?

On Sunday 24 March in the evening when the last Lot has closed, we will undertake some necessary administration so that on Monday morning we can starting putting winning bidders in touch with donors for payments that have been received and as they come in. Please bear with us as it takes time to work through so many Lots, answer queries and process further payments.

View and pay invoices online (you will be asked to sign in if necessary): HERE

Alternatively, you can send a cheque made payable to Wild Trout Trust Ltd to: Freepost WILD TROUT TRUST (this is a complete address and does not require a stamp). If you wish to pay by bank transfer or by card over the phone, please call the office on 023 9257 0985 and leave a message if you do happen to be connected to the answerphone during this busy time.