Answers to issues that you may come across

We have built this site to have more control on how we offer our auction lots and to reduce the amount of fees we pay to eBay every year, but it is a learning curve and not 100% perfect yet. Below are answers to some of our most frequent questions.

My username isn't accepted 

Please don't use any special characters in your username, particularly spaces. You username should be ONE word only (you may conjoin your first and last name if you wish). 

My Password isn't accepted 

 Passwords must contain the following for increased security reasons: 

  1. At least one uppercase letter 
  2. At least one digit 
  3. At least one special character 

 ... and be greater than 7 characters. 

I've registered for the auction and can view the catalogue, but I'm completely stumped as to how I make my bids. 

The function to make bids will appear on lots on the morning of the 19th of March. From there it should be self explanatory; type maximum bid, submit, and watch as the website bids on your behalf against other bidders up to your maximum bid.